Helping You Achieve Your Full Potential

Help yourself and your organization grow and evolve when you request the hands-on career development services offered by LeaderSupport and PhysicianLeaderSupport. No matter what your field of choice may be, LeaderSupport always works closely with you to help you achieve long-term success and prosperity.

Effective Career Coaching Services from Our Leadership Coaching Organization

You can become a more effective leader when you engage the leadership coaching offered by LeaderSupport. We will work closely with you to help you expand your areas of expertise and pursue a successful career.

LeaderSupport’s leadership coaching is established on the model of self-sustaining leadership. We are dedicated to helping you hone your senses of clarity, purpose, and authentic self-expression to further develop your full potential.

Effective Coaching, Consulting and Facilitation

Serving business clients across the nation since 2004 Dr. Sobel has compiled a vast assortment of training resources that remain accessible to a wide range of industries and clients.. Additionally, her firm is backed by more than 12 years of hands-on experience in the leadership organization and training field. In addition to being a experienced executive coach Dr. Sobel holds an Advanced Physician Development Certificate.

What is coaching and what are its advantages?

According to Wikipedia, “coaching, with a professional coach, is the practice of supporting an individual through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result. The structures, models and methodologies of coaching are numerous but are predominantly facilitating in style; that is the coach mainly asks questions and challenges the coachee to find answers from within himself/herself based on their values, preferences and unique perspective.”

Having a coach is like having a compass. Some people can do without it, but it helps you from getting lost, and surely helps you get back on course when you’ve lost your bearings. Coaches can play a variety of roles. S/he can help you continue on your current path, change your direction and/or see what’s missing – not necessarily what’s wrong – that would make a difference. Like adding a favorite spice to chili coaching adds in what’s missing that can make all the difference.