A successful leader is a coach and cheerleader for his/her organization producing the ultimate in succession planning.
This success is based on a model of self-sustaining leadership – qualities inherent in everyone – cultivating in top line and next layer of leader to develop these qualities. The four pillars of this model are:

  • Passion = motivation – positive energy – excitement – naturally model and mimic the mood of the leader – authentic expression. Something that feed’s one soul, particularly in stressful situations
  • Curiosity – inquiry – open-minded – ask others to contribute – empowering/enrolling to ask to participate
  • Lifelong learning – to keep your organization viable – keep abreast of what’s happening in many areas – quality – and forefront what’s happening in future of HC – mentor teams
  • Altruism – selflessness – other oriented – most concerned about outcome the team is driving to, bigger than you as a leader – outward focus on goal, big view for organization.