While coaching has been a mainstay in business for many years, it’s only relatively recently that physicians and other professionals have begun to see its benefits. In addition to many of the challenges faced in other sectors healthcare has it’s own set of challenges having become even more complicated over the years.  Not only has the knowledge of the science of medicine increased exponentially, but the  increasingly complex relationships with patients, colleagues, administrators and insurance companies have added to its stresses.  No one needs to tell most doctors that the work has become harder, and for many, less rewarding.

I love serving the healthcare community and believe my physician development and healthcare professionals’ coaching is exceptional.  Every single client and potential client with whom I’ve worked and learned from is the backbone of my success. Not only do I practice what I preach, I help people avoid the roadblocks and pitfalls I learned about, often reluctantly over the years.

If find that sometimes physicians and executives simply need someone to listen to them. In healthcare in particular I see many clients who are hesitant to air concerns and frustrations to those in their own network.  Many of them come in with significant personal challenges, such as overwhelm, depression, impending censure, litigation, even patient death. I provide the empathetic safe space of one who’s “been there,” as a compassionate, confidential, and impartial sounding board for clients to express their concerns.

Some of the services I provide specifically for those in the healthcare sector are:

  • Physician well-being
  • Peer coaching and mentoring
  • Navigating the transition from practitioner to management and leadership
  • Remediation coaching and addressing concerns about disruptive behavior
  • Change of career direction

Physician well-being: fostering renewed engagement, passion, satisfaction and fulfillment

  • Stress and burnout management
  • Co-dependence, depression and substance abuse identification
  • Lifestyle changes supporting well-being

Career Development: developing a client’s full potential and that of their organizations

  • Leadership development, advancement and expansion
  • New skills acquisition
  • Cultivating capabilities to advance from technical acumen to managerial and leadership excellence
  • Increasing awareness of organizational dynamics and interactional style(s)

Change of career direction to direction to sectors within and outside of healthcare

  • Identifying transferrable skills
  • Discovering issues that may be impeding achievement of career goals
  • Improving underdeveloped skills

Remediation coaching

  • Assessing for understanding of how to work with others
  • Addressing behaviors that negatively impact those with whom they work
  • Inquiring about abuse, addiction or other toxic activities
  • Uncovering what else may be stopping a client from being in effective action


Here are a couple of great articles on the benefits of coaching for physicians:

  • Gawanda. 11-11, 2011, pp 50-53: The New Yorker: Personal Best. Commentary: Education Paradigm. Discussion about a new era in education and its impact on howcoming generations will define and find success.
  • Horn, Elliott & Forbringer. PEJ 11 & 12, 2010: Making the Case for Coaching: Coaching a Surgeon: What makes the top performers better?

Coaching opens the world to clinicians of any age.