LeaderSupport and Physician LeaderSupport provide their clients with executive coaching for professionals, from those entering the job market to senior executives and physicians.

Career Development Areas of Focus:

  • Career Purpose Clarification and Identification of Authentic Career Developmen and Self- Expression
  • Career Readiness, Development, and Strategy Planning
  • Career Success Consulting & Career Change Definition
  • Career Expansion & Transition
  • Career Upgrading, Coaching, & Skill Acquisition
  • Team Development, Facilitation & Goal Setting
  • Team Coaching Strategy Formulation &
  • Conversion of Experience into a Resume and translation of CV into Resume

Career definition and satisfaction: helping clients uncover what’s fundamentally important

  • Identifying core values including her/his sense of purpose
  • Achieving clarity on a client’s assessment of what characterizes success
  • Articulating and clarify career mission and goals
  • Determining environments that encourage authentic self-expression

Career Advancement: developing a client’s full potential and that of their organizations

  • Leadership development, advancement and expansion
  • New skills acquisition
  • Cultivating capabilities to advance from technical acumen to managerial and leadership excellence.
  • Increasing awareness of organizational dynamics and interactional style(s)
  • Career definition and satisfaction
  • Change of career direction
  • Remediation coaching

Leadership Counseling Specialties:

  • Leadership Coaching, Career Satisfaction & Development
  • Career Readiness for Physicians into Leadership Roles
  • Transition & Leadership Development
  • New Board and Executive Team Consulting
  • Cultural Change Mediation; Interdisciplinary Merging

Change of Career Direction:

  • Identifying transferrable skills
  • Discovering issues that may be impeding achievement of career goals
  • Improving underdeveloped skills

Remediation coaching

  • Assessing for understanding of how to work with others
  • Addressing behaviors that negatively impact those with whom they work
  • Inquiring about abuse, addiction or other toxic activities
  • Uncovering what else may be stopping them from being in effective action